It’s a cartoon’s world

Animation movies, they say it’s for everyone, but is it really?

I believe it’s not for everyone, yes everyone could watch it, but they won’t really get it, they won’t appreciate it. Not everybody has that ability to connect with their inner little child, and let their imagination run wild. Not everyone tolerates the fantasy World and the magic.

But I do. =)

Last night, as most people were having a “samedi soir”, I had myself an evening themed “ animation movies”, my lovely dearie best friend told me about this movie called Wreck it Ralph, and I happen to have lot of free time. So I watched it, and I didn’t get enough of the cartoon world, so afterwards, I watched “hotel Transylvania”, and if I wasn’t so sleepy I would’ve watched another animation movie.




To adventures and beyond

My bucket list is packed not only with places I want to go to, live in, and pass by, but also with experiences I want to go through, with crazy things I want to do. I’m a big believer that travelling is a challenging and life changing experience, except if you’re a cold-hearted rock, then you’ll feel no change at all :D.




My bumpy journey

I have spent this year’s most part in a pause mode, meaning? After I graduated, I didn’t want to get straight into working, I wanted to take time, to experience different unusual crazy stupid stuff (which I haven’t yet), and to find myself (I know, sounds a bit cliché :D). So while some of my friends were getting jobs, or getting married (and I’m happy that they found what they wanted), I was trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I felt lost, well as normal 20 something guys and girls, but from the comments I have heard this wasn’t so normal -_- . And for the last 3 months, I’ve been trying to find The Asmaa.



Quote of the day

“I am a free spirit…Either admire me from the ground. Or fly with me…But don’t ever try to cage me.” 



The blog Premiere : Pilot

When I had the idea of starting a blog, I started writing stuff whenever I got inspired.

And because I wasn’t using my laptop back then, I saved my writings in my USB flash driver, to take it with me whenever I’m travelling.

Funny ending to that story, my USB flash driver suddenly stopped working.

Another funny fact, I lost all my writings. I mean EVERYTHING, my ideas, my stupid funny stories, everything…. Not so funny now is it? 😀

And as a normal person would act in this situation, I freaked out of course. I came up with lame excuses, the pc didn’t work right, my usb works only with my laptop bla bla bla : DENIAL.

Then I begun digging in Google, to find a solution, and yes I have installed all sort of programs, and it didn’t detect my usb. Then I tried giving it to a computer company, I said to myself “ this is piece of cake for them, I trust them, they’re” engineers”, I’m sooo getting my files back”….. And I didn’t.

I tried to recover my lost files from the other PC, and there weren’t any.

After I went through all 5 stages of acceptance, I got here, accepting that my files are forever gone, accepting that I am now not prepared for the blog I’ve been preparing to. WHAT A TRAGEDY: D.

Anyways, now allow me to declare the beginning of a new Blog. What a majestic opening post to my blog. Just imagine me instead of Queen Elizabeth in the opening of the London Olympic Games, jumping from the helicopter with agent 007. As I’m falling with style, Symphony no.7 movement 2 of Beethoven is played as a soundtrack.

With this big entrance, I shall start my blog.