It’s a cartoon’s world

Animation movies, they say it’s for everyone, but is it really?

I believe it’s not for everyone, yes everyone could watch it, but they won’t really get it, they won’t appreciate it. Not everybody has that ability to connect with their inner little child, and let their imagination run wild. Not everyone tolerates the fantasy World and the magic.

But I do. =)

Last night, as most people were having a “samedi soir”, I had myself an evening themed “ animation movies”, my lovely dearie best friend told me about this movie called Wreck it Ralph, and I happen to have lot of free time. So I watched it, and I didn’t get enough of the cartoon world, so afterwards, I watched “hotel Transylvania”, and if I wasn’t so sleepy I would’ve watched another animation movie.

As I finished watching “Wreck it Ralph”, I just couldn’t shake the thought of how nostalgic this animation movie is. Lot of video games’ characters from my childhood appear (Super Mario, Pac man, Sonic, street fighter…), the golden age :D, where we played those same games in game rooms, SEGA, and then playstation1.


And the coolest scene was when Ralph (the bad guy in his own game) went to a support group with other villains such as: Doctor eggman the villain from Sonic, Bowser from Super Mario, and Zangief, bison from street fighter. That was pretty epic.

The story was a bit funny but mainly dramatic and emotional.

“Hotel Transylvania” reminded me of the traditional Dracula I got introduced to as a little girl, with the cape, the transformation to a bat, the teeth of course. The animation included other famous old villains, such as Frankenstein, the wolf, some skeletons, zombies…


This animation movie has a tragic story behind it, but it is mostly funny.

I loved Dracula’s accent, and couldn’t believe that was Adam Sandler behind that villainy voice :D. I also adored Dracula for showing his soft side with his baby girl, didn’t see that one coming.

About Dracula’s wife, I thought she was human, wouldn’t this have made a good turn in on how Mavis, Dracula’s daughter, would view the human world?                                                                               But she wasn’t, and I was disappointed 😀 well not really, the story was funny with some stereotypical stuff like the chef being French.

The ending credit of the movie reminded me of cartoon network, later I discover that the creator of dexter’s laboratory is the director of Hotel Transylvania, and it all made sense. 



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