Challenge of the week

This challenge I’m going to talk about has started 2 days ago, well it’s not a deadly challenge :D,

My dearie friend said to me the other day, how she made a list of animation movies she haven’t watched yet, and she sent me a link of “cloudy with a chance if meatballs”, as it turned out , i hadn’t watched it also.

And thus begun a challenge:  the challenge of watching 8 animation movies in a week.

Through the past years, I had watched lots and lots of’em, but I realized that I haven’t yet watched some great ones such us “wall e “. I know, I know, so disregarding of me :D.

And so my friend and I made a list of 8 animation, to wrap up in a week,

FYI, the challenge started 2 days ago, and it ends next Wednesday. And please, if you have any other animation movies to suggest, that would be lovely.

Here is our list in pictures.




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