Sacred memories


“So, how did you come to be so into theater?”

They were just hanging out when they asked her. Simple question it may seem to them but the answer might be tricky.

She paused, thought to give them a ridiculous answer. And then she thought about how to tell the story:

“Long time ago, when I was still sharing a passport with my parents, when my outfit was either a girly floral dress that my mum chose, or a kind of military style that sometimes my father chose (unlucky days), I joined a French theater group, along with my younger brother ( well now he’s taller and people think he’s older). I was 10 and he was 9. We were the youngest of the group, and it was very hard for our colleagues to take us seriously, they were all in middle school. I mean I was a child, and therefore shorter than the rest, no one could ever imagine I would grow up and be taller than some of my friends, while my brother wore harry potter glasses and was even shorter than me. It was like we were tiny humans surrounded by giant older people.

We had our theater class on Tuesdays, and it was the highlight of my week. And I would be very disappointed if the teacher weren’t going to make it.

The stage gave the illusion of a train wagon. I played a countess. The main story was that a lady in the same wagon as the countess proclaimed that her very expensive necklace was stolen during that train ride.

My character was supposed to be rich, but it was then revealed that she’s lost everything. And also, she was the thief who stole the lady’s necklace during a power cut.

For the purposes of the play, I wore a purple pencil skirt and a blazer, I had to have a hair updo, and wore make up for the first time in my life. I liked to pretend to be another person for couple of hours.

That last moment of the play, when you’re done reciting dialogues and you’re back to your normal self is just magical, that’s why I’m ready to get involved in more plays…”

One of her friends interrupted her joking: “Where did your mind go, did the cat get your tongue? You seemed distracted thinking of something, and we only asked about your love for theater.” They laughed. She smiled and failed to hide her embarrassment due to her unmanageable blushing.

Thinking of how this real story is full of nostalgic sweet childish memories, she simply said: “I just enjoy theater”. 


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