Last conversation

It is usually “Last words” that we hear about, that people memorize, maybe misquote later on. But it gives them closure.

But for someone who has never been there for the final words, a last conversation could be the thing they retain to in seek for closure.

What’s not so pleasant about last conversations is that you don’t know you’re having one; you have no idea that the person in front of you is saying goodbye in his own way.  It’s not until that person passes away that you realize that the conversation you had few days ago, a month ago, was a sign, a farewell maybe.

For this post, I chose to write these unusual sweet last words, or may I say last conversations.


Last conversation 1 : She and her grandpa “Juanito”:

Her family was having a big meal that evening. She politely refused to eat because she set herself a stupid 13 days diet challenge, and wanted to keep her dignity by not losing her challenge to that meal. She sat at the other table, with her grandpa. He was having his usual coffee, no sugar added, along with a Moroccan msemen and a cupcake.

Her grandpa, who always complained to her parents about her poor eating habits, invited her to share his late afternoon meal. She said she was only having an apple. He made fun of her.

Their conversations would usually include old Clint Eastwood movies, cars and driving or just Spanish words, the grandpa talked occasionally Spanish to his granddaughter to see if she was progressing. But this time, he chose to start an out of the blue conversation.

The grandpa: Is this your last year of college?

Her: Yes, this is my last semester. I’ll have an internship during the second one.

The grandpa: Very good my dear, and then what do you want to do?

(Total silence, the other member of the family were trying to listen in to the conversation)

The girl laughed, and said that she doesn’t know yet. And she added that her 22nd birthday was in 2 weeks and she was expecting a present, maybe an old Mercedes from him.

They laughed.

The grandpa had a sip of his sugarless coffee, took a long pause like he was thinking of what to say and how to say it:

It is very important for you to study hard, to have degrees, to get a job. You’ll be independent, which is a good thing.  But if there’s anyone dear to you, who is willing to ask your hand in marriage, go for it, don’t hesitate, we are destined to love and be loved, and it’s not 7chuma (a word in Moroccan dialect which kind of means: Shameful).

The girl, surprised, with eyes wide open, was listening carefully to those words and then simply nodded with a smile.

This was their last conversation, before he passed away…

Last conversation 2 : She and her grandma:

“You look very beautiful, your new caftan is astonishing” she said, “and I loved your dancing” she added, with a very beautiful smile and expressive eyes.

The girl thanked her grandma and giggled; she couldn’t hide her blushing in front of the guests and went back to dancing with her family.

She never thought this was going to be her last sweet memory of her grandma.

The grandma passed away the following week…



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  1. Ons El-Hammami
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 00:32:39

    love it


  2. Abidullah khan
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 20:26:39



  3. Connie Hanks -
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 04:37:16

    beautifully written


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