Day dreaming


My morning coffee, some will tell they couldn’t go their day without coffee, so do I, kind of.

It wasn’t about the coffee itself, it was about the state I put my mind in, I have read a lot about staying positive and stuff, the first thing the books thought me, is how to be in charge of my own happiness.

Somewhere in Europe, I took my coffee in a small cafe  very authentic, I always choose a table on the sidewalk, and for that, I would charge my laptop’s battery to the fullest, so I would be able to sit out and not worry about a thing.

The sound of the morning is so pure, not much noise, I’m sitting writing this while listening to Alexi Murdoch in my headphones, and I couldn’t help it but smile. People walking by, some are smiling back to me, some are listening to their own music, some have had enough of waking up early, some are walking their dogs, some are travelling or passing by and not appreciating the place nor the moment they’re in, some are on their bikes, cars too, and some others are having their breakfast in this same small café.

What a great day to have a new beginning, this moment, this exact moment, sums it all up in one word, happiness. You just don’t give a rat about what could possibly ruin the day; you’ve already found the kick of your day.

It’s sunny and warm, even if it’s winter time in here.

While I’m typing and taking a long look around me, I just feel I’m in a picture, taken with an old camera, the colors are fading away, but the picture is still beautiful, God….what would I give to have this picture framed and hanged in my room, beautiful piece of art. Now I’m listening to the cinematic orchestra- build a home, and it’s just giving the picture in my head a real good soundtrack.

Many of you may never understand this whole pureness I’m talking about, but I believe in it, that’s all I’ve got.

I suddenly woke up from my day dreaming, and didn’t find the picture I described. Sorry, that was the sound of my reality interrupting my imagination… never mind.

Despite the fact that I want this to go on and on, I woke up from my day dreaming, I just wanted for this to last a bit longer.

Can’t wait for the day to see the scene I imagined coming into reality.