My challenge and tiny humans

I spent last week in some kind of childish state of mind because of 2 things:  (drum roll please)

Well first, because I have challenged myself (as schizophrenic as this seems). This is the challenge i’m talking about.  And let me say Challenge completed ladies and gentlemen.  


Now I can say that 8 animation movies in 7 days is cool, really cool, but it’s a lot, it’s kind of overwhelming :D. Sometimes I would watch one of the movies from my list because I wanted to, but other times, I was just keeping my eyes on the deadline which is not that good -_-

But overall, I enjoyed my animated week, and unlike movies, animation leaves you with an ethical story to learn at the end.

The second thing that happened this past week is that my uncle from Belgium came to Morocco with his little family, and I spent the week with his little girls. They’re 10, 6 and 3 years old girls.  They speak French and a very poor Arabic.

During the time they spent with me, I could feel that they sort of look up to me, they would compliment my shirt, my shoes, or whatever I was wearing. Then, they would sit on my lap, stare at me with their dreamy eyes and ask me funny questions such as: do you have a boyfriend? ( they would giggle after this question), why is your hair down? …Can I have your necklace? …And your rings?… And your scarf? …Everything?… Can I? …What is your favorite princess? …Prince?

They are cute as a button.

This little time with the tiny humans got me thinking, 

Kids love to look up to older cousins or siblings, I know I looked up to some of my older cousins.

They would see things that the older ones would maybe take for granted, they would enjoy the qualities you never thought you have.

I wish I could look at myself from a little child’s perspective. wouldn’t it be nice?



Challenge of the week

This challenge I’m going to talk about has started 2 days ago, well it’s not a deadly challenge :D,

My dearie friend said to me the other day, how she made a list of animation movies she haven’t watched yet, and she sent me a link of “cloudy with a chance if meatballs”, as it turned out , i hadn’t watched it also.

And thus begun a challenge:  the challenge of watching 8 animation movies in a week.

Through the past years, I had watched lots and lots of’em, but I realized that I haven’t yet watched some great ones such us “wall e “. I know, I know, so disregarding of me :D.

And so my friend and I made a list of 8 animation, to wrap up in a week,



It’s a cartoon’s world

Animation movies, they say it’s for everyone, but is it really?

I believe it’s not for everyone, yes everyone could watch it, but they won’t really get it, they won’t appreciate it. Not everybody has that ability to connect with their inner little child, and let their imagination run wild. Not everyone tolerates the fantasy World and the magic.

But I do. =)

Last night, as most people were having a “samedi soir”, I had myself an evening themed “ animation movies”, my lovely dearie best friend told me about this movie called Wreck it Ralph, and I happen to have lot of free time. So I watched it, and I didn’t get enough of the cartoon world, so afterwards, I watched “hotel Transylvania”, and if I wasn’t so sleepy I would’ve watched another animation movie.