Finding Happiness Vs Finding yourself

Are you a happy person?

Or you’re still in search for happiness?

Happiness, may be a feeling, but I’d like to think of it as a state of mind.


I have always tried to be positive in my thoughts, in my action, in my perception of things, and always believed that things, whether good or bad, happened for a reason.




Keep it up POSITIVE

Have you ever felt like this? Yes?
Well buddy, push that feeling away 🙂 and don’t surrender to that urge.

Always keep it up Positive.

Keep it up POSITIVE



Genius is …

Genius is ...


Story time

When he was having a military training, V heard some shocking news. His father, who was not even 50 years old, had died. So V went home to his sisters, brother and mother, took on charge the funeral, and was back to his military training the following day.

It happened all so quickly, that V didn’t get the time to accept his father’s death, to mourn and to grieve with his family.

The training he had that day, was held in the wild. The place was a bit familiar to V. It was close to the cemetery. That’s when it all got real for V; his late father is underground, right next to where he’s supposed to train.

V didn’t hesitate to ask his boss if he could go to his father’s tomb to read some verses of Quran. To his surprise, The answer was no.
He got upset; his boss seems to had lost his mercy and pity somewhere along the way, V felt like his father was already forgotten, his memory was being erased.
V calmed himself down, and continued his training. All he could think of that day was the meaningless cruelty of his chief, but eventually, he could let it go.
Years and years went by, and V got himself a beautiful wife, a big house, and had amazing children, and never forgot his father, he was always speaking about him, showing pictures of him to his kids and telling them about his memories with his old man.
But most of all, V made it a habit, to take his children on a regular basis to the tomb of his father, and listen to them reading some small verses of Quran that they learned in school.
Listening to his kids, V realized that he succeeded, through the years, to resurrect the memory of his father.



Soundtrack of my week 1


Embrace your inner 3 year old

Suffering from a fake insomnia (fake because the only reason I stay up late is my laptop), I stayed up late last night surfing on the internet. I usually read my book before sleeping, but last night, I didn’t, instead, I got caught up in watching some videos, which I found spontaneous, funny and inspirational. I’m talking about the TEDx videos. TEDx “is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate ideas worth spreading” (Wikipedia, thanks for making everything easier). In other words, Presentations are held by speakers with success stories to tell in 20 minutes. It’s kind of a big deal to be called to speak at one of these events.
I watched so many and lost count of time (it was nearly 5 in the morning), and when I decided it was enough, and went to sleep, I had already forgotten nearly all the videos and speeches, except for one video. The speaker is from Canada, and was very authentic in his speech.

Bunch of the things he said, got stuck in my head, especially when he brought up Morocco,a total personal patriotic moment.
Here’s the video. What about you? What is your favorite Tedx story?


Keep up the Positive energy

Keep up the Positive energy


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