Soundtrack of my week 2



Soundtrack of my week 1


Embrace your inner 3 year old

Suffering from a fake insomnia (fake because the only reason I stay up late is my laptop), I stayed up late last night surfing on the internet. I usually read my book before sleeping, but last night, I didn’t, instead, I got caught up in watching some videos, which I found spontaneous, funny and inspirational. I’m talking about the TEDx videos. TEDx “is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate ideas worth spreading” (Wikipedia, thanks for making everything easier). In other words, Presentations are held by speakers with success stories to tell in 20 minutes. It’s kind of a big deal to be called to speak at one of these events.
I watched so many and lost count of time (it was nearly 5 in the morning), and when I decided it was enough, and went to sleep, I had already forgotten nearly all the videos and speeches, except for one video. The speaker is from Canada, and was very authentic in his speech.

Bunch of the things he said, got stuck in my head, especially when he brought up Morocco,a total personal patriotic moment.
Here’s the video. What about you? What is your favorite Tedx story?


My bumpy journey

I have spent this year’s most part in a pause mode, meaning? After I graduated, I didn’t want to get straight into working, I wanted to take time, to experience different unusual crazy stupid stuff (which I haven’t yet), and to find myself (I know, sounds a bit cliché :D). So while some of my friends were getting jobs, or getting married (and I’m happy that they found what they wanted), I was trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I felt lost, well as normal 20 something guys and girls, but from the comments I have heard this wasn’t so normal -_- . And for the last 3 months, I’ve been trying to find The Asmaa.